TAXAN MeoTune Turns Your Smartphone into a TV

I understand that some people want to watch TV while they are taking public transportation, but to me it makes no sense – especially with all the content freely accessible on the Internet. However, I guess that this is something that the Japanese really want and need. Most of the phones in Japan incorporate TV tuners. However, iPhones and some Android devices don’t have these tuners, which is where TAXAN’s MeoTune comes in.

taxan meotune tv tuner japan portable wifi smarphone android iphone

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Torne Adds A DVR And TV Tuner to PS3 (In Japan)

After Europe got the PlayTV for their PS3s, Japan is getting the Torne, a TV tuner and DVR combo for the PS3 that unfortunately won’t be available in the US any time soon.

ps3 torne dvr tv tuner home entertainment

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