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  • Publication @TheMemoirs Has Resumed

    Publication @TheMemoirs Has Resumed

    With the turmoil on Twitter, I’ve decided to resume publication here. Hopefully, you should see new content every day/week. I’ve enjoyed using Mastodon (@djrange) for the last couple of weeks. The atmosphere is definitely better than bird site, which is giving me dumpster fire vibes.

  • Twitter IPO Coming Soon: Get Ready to Buy in 140 Characters or Less

    There’s always some excitement when a tech company finally makes its IPO. The most notable, at least recently, was Facebook’s. Now, Twitter is set to have their own IPO, right around Thanksgiving. Read more @ Technabob

  • Paid Twitter Alternative App.net Introduces Free Tier

    App.net was launched last year, and it was a created as a Twitter alternative for companies and organizations who want a private social networking solution. The App.net social networking service is no longer just for paying members. Earlier this week, they launched a free tier. Read more @ Technabob

  • Twitter’s Vine: AnimationGram

    While there have been many different apps that have tried to be what Instagram is to photos but for videos, this new one is backed by Twitter, making it immediately interesting to the Twitterati. Sharing and recording looping vids is nothing new, but the constraints and functions make Vine, which is still a bit buggy,…

  • Machine-Learning Algorithms Could Help Debunk Twitter Rumors

    Twitter is one of the fastest and most comprehensive ways of staying abreast of breaking news. However, it’s not always easy to tell whether these microblogging status updates are being truthful. Read more @ SciTechDaily

  • My Daily Tweets 09-09-23-12

    1h @chartreuseb don’t what that is. I watch it on my computer 1h RT @honestyislove: Maybe girls play hard to get, because guys play hard to keep. 1h @itsminhvybitch pis Maps c à chier

  • My Daily Tweets 09-06-08-12

    1m Sennheiser Momentum Headphones: Wrap Your Ears in Leather and Steel http://wp.me/pWvW-7h2  12h Vient de publier une photo http://instagr.am/p/PUxedFt7Z3/ 4 Sep 0% of Canadians will forget to go on a beer run before a long weekend 16h THE ANTI-ROMNEY –> RT @Forbes: Honda Boss Retires, Gives $1,000 to Employees for Each Year of Work http://bit.ly/RUj0Zp…

  • My Daily Tweets 09-04-05-12

    5m Finally getting back into uninterrupted writing by hiding away my smartphone in my #Beats headphone case. #gtd #productivity 6m More tea is needed. 6m Effects of Drought in the U.S. are Now Visible from Space http://wp.me/pWvW-7gi  8m Reliance on Satellite Data Blamed for Overestimation of India’s Forest Cover http://wp.me/pWvW-7gg  10m New Gene Therapy Has…

  • My Daily Tweets 08-30-09-04-12

    1m Nanoparticle Pollution Affects Crop Growth http://wp.me/pWvW-7fW  3m Marshall Hanwell Speakers: Rock and Roll for the Masses http://wp.me/pWvW-7fU  4m Tokyoflash Kisai Zone: A Hex Face in a Round Hole http://wp.me/pWvW-7fS  8h ep4 of #MajorCrimes was really good. I had fun watching Americans try to talk like Israelis. Stellar episode, if u haven’t watched it do…

  • My Daily Tweets 08-25-29-12

    6m — Dr. Seuss, “Oh Say Can You See?” http://thisisnthappiness.com/post/30466393832/dr-seuss-oh-say-can-you-see … 8m Leese Design iPhone Cases: You Can Sew Your Own Way! http://wp.me/pWvW-7eY  10m Lomography Diana Baby 110: This Lomo Fits in the Palm of Your Hand http://wp.me/pWvW-7eV  13m Dropbox Turns on 2-Step Verification for All Accounts: You Should Too http://wp.me/pWvW-7eT  3h these christians don’t want…