Over iOS App: Make Your Snapshots Typographically Beautiful

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to add text to images. Since people are using their smartphones as their point-and-shoot cameras these days, it makes sense to have a way to add typography to the snapshots you take with your phone too.

over ios app text images

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Boba Font: The One Star Wars Font Print to Rule Them All

After those great Star Wars font posters, Fabian Gonzalez came up with his own version with one of the coolest characters in Star Wars, Boba Fett. The poster is complete with his blaster and jet pack, created entirely out of typography.

boba fett font typography fabian gonzalez poster star wars

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May the Fonts Be With You

I love these simple posters of epic Star Wars characters that were simply made by through the clever use of typography.

star wars h-57 ad campaign typography fonts

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History of the Ampersand

History of the Ampersand

Gerald has linked to a great article on the history of the ampersand. I found it fascinating. The article is actually more than that. It’s got a short history and lots of photos about ampersands in media and type. {via presurfer}

You can see the evolution of the ampersand below (1 is like the original Roman ligature, 2 and 3 are from the fourth century, and 4-6 are from the ninth century).

Al Gore Is A Typomaniac

Old Brioni font vs new Brioni font

Looks like Al Gore is also a typomaniac,

A person who is obsessed with typography, or more generally with the business of printing and publishing 2006, Neil Macmillan, An A-Z of Type Designers[1], ISBN 0300111517, page 166:

Categorically Yours & Typographical Musings†

Okamis Lamy fountain pens
Okami's Lamy fountain pens


One of the marks of being a good prof is when they see that students didn’t understand something and go over it again. My algebra prof has made a habit of this, especially when he goes over stuff in class too quickly. This happened last week and left me quite furious. Someone must have mentioned something to the prof², and he went over what we saw in the last hour again. This took an hour out of the three-hour class. I appreciated. I realized that there were some undergrads in our class, who weren’t familiar with some of the more abstract concepts of category theory³. It was an issue. Class was great today. I was drinking my strong milk tea and noting stuff down. We saw direct sums and (co)universal objects. Having proofs done with commutative diagrams is so elegant and simple.

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FontStruct was created by San Francisco-based typographers Fontshop. The community-driven portal lets you create, exchange and modify fonts.


Ever wondered what this was called? It’s called a grawlix and I saw this on kottke and swissmiss recently. What is a grawlix? It’s a series of typographic symbols used to replace swear words in comics and graphic novels. It was coined in 1964 by Mort Walker. Read more on the grawlix here.