Dell Adamo Price Cut: If a Tree Falls in the Forest…

Dell has just dropped the price on its stylish Adamo lightweight laptop computers from $1099 to as little as $899. In my opinion, it’s too little too late, when for a little bit more, you could get the newer MacBook Air.


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Air Quandary: Why Would You Get the New MacBook Air

If you’ve checked out the most recent Mac rumors, it seems that the new MacBook Air will get a smaller 11.6-inch screen. To some people it might seem somewhat strange that Apple might actually reduce the screen size of the Air, but we got to hand it to them, it kind of makes a lot of sense. Why? Read on to find out more.

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Solid State Drives Redux

I wrote a short aside yesterday on the evolving trend of the solid state drives.

At the moment, Sony offers a VAIO TZ28 $4K ultraportable 11.1″ laptop with a 64GB solid state drive. To make things simple, a SSD is like a big USB flashdrive. There are a lot less moving parts, which means less chances of the HD breaking down. I have had HDs break down over the years, it’s quite annoying.

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