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Lightsaber Umbrellas for the Dry Side of the Force

If you think that Mother Nature is impressed by the Dark Side, you’d be wrong – because just like anyone else, the Dark Lord of the Sith still probably got drenched in torrential downpours, unless he uses his telekinetic abilities to shield him. This Darth Vader lightsaber umbrella looks pretty solid and while it won’t Force Push the rain away, it would probably keep you (or Vader) nice and dry.

star wars darth vader umbrella lightsaber 01

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CCD-Me-Not Umbrella: Big Brother Won’t be Watching You

Ever get paranoid that Big Brother is watching you thanks to all those CCTV cameras and the big eye in the sky? Well, check out this umbrella which will ensure that your overlords won’t be able to keep watch on you anymore.

mark shepard sentient city led umbrella big brother ccd-me-not

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Backpack Umbrella Keeps Hands Free While Keeping You Dry

Are you the kind of person who fumbles around with an umbrella when it starts to rain? Check out this convenient backpack, which will hold your umbrella while keeping both your hands free. Best idea ever, or slightly cheesy?


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The Best in Umbrella Technology

052411techumbrellas.jpgFrom our experience, umbrellas haven’t really changed much over the years. It’s only recently that tech features have started to seep its way into umbrella designs. Thanks to science and technology, a new crop of expensive umbrellas not only keep you dry, but can offer additional features in foul weather…

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Thanko Fanbrella: Cheaper and Cooler

The first time I heard about fanbrellas was a short while ago, and I guess they make sense in very humid and wet climates. It didn’t take Thanko long to announce their version of the Fanbrella. Even though it’s cheaper, it actually looks somewhat sturdier than the one we mentioned before.

thanko fanbrella umbrella fan summer rain shine

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LED Lumadot Umbrella: Right Out of Blade Runner

I’ve always liked umbrellas, especially nice large ones that you can stash in the trunk of your car. The flimsy folding umbrellas work for certain time, but then they break down. The Lumadot LED Umbrella adds some special tech features to something that almost everybody needs on their umbrella: lights.


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Automatic Ambient Umbrella Knows If Its Going to Rain Before You Do

This awesome piece of umbrella-technology is kind of like a divining rod for rain! It knows when it’s going to rain before you do!

Ambient Umbrella is smart and WiFi enabled

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