Africa’s Underwater Hotel The Manta Resort: Is That Captain Nemo out My Window?

I guess that if you’re not afraid of water, then underwater hotels can make for some fabulous sights. This new one will provide you with an amazing stay, thanks to being submerged more than 13 feet below the surface of the ocean.

manta resort africa underwater hotel designboom 620x387

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Grace the Robofish Goes for a Swim

OK, so maybe ‘underwater gliding’ is the technical term, but to me, it looks like this robot fish is swimming. As Grace (short for Gliding Robot ACE), the robot fish glides through the water, it strives to conserve energy.

grace robotic fish

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Air Pockets in Bristled Feet Allow Beetles to Walk Underwater


Beetles are often observed being able to tenaciously cling to smooth surfaces, like leaves, hanging on even when those surfaces are bordering on the vertical. A new study reveals that beetles can even keep their footing underwater thanks to tiny bubbles of air trapped between the hair-like structures on their feet.

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iGills iPhone Case Dives Deep Underwater

I admit that I take my iPhone pretty much everywhere with me, but I draw the line at taking it into water. The iGills case seeks to change this by making your iPhone fully waterproof.

igills iphone case diving rugged

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Arctic Biologist Alexander Semenov’s Striking Underwater Arctic Sea Life Photos


The White Sea Biological Station sits at latitude 66° N, just on the cusp of the Arctic Circle, and on the shores of the White Sea, a lone arctic biologist explores the depths of the waters, photographing stunning pictures of arctic life. The only way to get there is by boat in summer and by snowmobile in winter.

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iPhone Scuba Suit Offers Waterproof Protection

Have you ever deplored the fact that you can’t take your iPhone underwater to snap those Instagram shots while you’re at the beach? Look no further because this case will keep your iPhone completely dry.

iphone scuba suit case waterproof

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Robojelly Underwater ‘Bot Powered by Hydrogen: Hopefully it Won’t Explode!

Didn’t I see something like this in an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars? This automaton kind of looks like an alien, but that’s because it’s based upon a jellyfish. That’s not the only surprising thing about this ‘bot. It’s also powered by hydrogen.

robojelly underwater jellyfish robot

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Baleen Whales Disturbed by Underwater Noises From 120 Miles Away


It’s a well-known fact that noises carry a lot further underwater than in the air, but recently marine biologists noticed that underwater noises might disturb whales even if they are 120 miles away.

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Finis Undwerwater MP3 Player

Thomas Hawk tries out the Finis underwater mp3 player.