Tombox Speakers: The Upcycled Sound

There’s something about old speaker housings, especially from the 60s and 70s. They are usually thick, big things that have a great look with design appeal. These speakers made from discarded old speakers that have been upgraded with new components.

tombox speaker reused recycled upcycled audio

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Grove SkateBacks: For iPhone Skatepunks

The last time we mentioned Grove, they had made a pretty cool iPhone case made from skateboard scraps. However, they were available as a limited edition, so there weren’t probably enough for everyone who wanted one, and they also cost more than $200. This time around, Grove has made these clever add-ons that customize the back of your iPhone, and made them accessible to all who want one.

grove skateback iphone back

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Mariclaro Upcycled Bags: Made from Airbags, Car Upholstery and Other Weird Stuff

I never thought about reusing a spent airbag for much of anything, but it does make sense to upcycle this kind of durable material if you can. Toronto-based Mariclaro makes them all into backpacks and carryalls that are quite different from others that I’ve seen.

mariclaro airbag backpack 01

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MapleXO & Grove iPhone Case: Created From Crashed Skateboards

These limited edition iPhone 4 cases were created by a collaboration between Grove and MapleXO. They include wood that came from old skateboard decks.

skateboard iphone case grove maplexo upcycled cover

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Melted & Recycled Kitchen and Bathroom Soap Dishes


These eye-catching soap dishes are basically melted down recycled bottles. I don’t know why, but I think they’re fascinating. I keep trying to imagine what the original bottles looked like.

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Kelley Deal’s Scarves Made From Upcycled Sweaters


For anyone who’s interested in getting clothes and accessories that don’t come from mainstream brands, here’s one idea: upcycled woolen felt sweaters that have been transformed into scarves and gloves.

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