The Fractal Dimension of the US ZIP Code System: 1.78!


While most people think that ZIP codes were originally created randomly, there is actually an order to the US mail system. Since it turns out that it has a branching structure, it implies that it has a fractal dimension. Samuel Arbesman of Wired’s Social Dimension used the ZIPScribbles images created by Robert Kosara to calculate the fractal dimension of the US ZIP code system.

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Giant US Defense Spy Blimps to Roam Afghan Skies

While this massive blimp looks pretty awesome, I’m just sad that it’s a spy drone and not a passenger airship, allowing people to take leisurely trips around the world (à la Fringe). The awkwardly-named Blue Devil Block 2 dwarfs a nearby 18-wheeler, allowing you to fathom its gigantic size.

us military blimp airship fringe spy drone

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Skins US Quotes Episode 5 Stanley

It’s hard to take you seriously when it looks like you come from the future.
Stan to his dad wearing a cycling outfit, including a time trial helmet

I would make out with my dog.
Girl to Chelle

It’s like he’s got the cheat codes to life.

What does every bastard who has every lived have in common? His father is a bastard and he never broke the cycle. Break the cycle Stanley.
Judge to Stan

I’m surprised, but the music in the US version of Skins is pretty good. I heard Phantogram’s Mouthful of Diamonds in this week’s show. While it’s nowhere near as stellar as the original show, which has just begun its fifth season in the UK on E4, once the story starts diverging it’s gotten interesting.

Judging A Book By Its US or UK Cover

Interesting take on how different the UK and US book covers are.

Tantilizing Look at the Barack Obama Camp During Election Night

The First 100 Days

A graphical depiction of what the last 12 US Presidents did during their first 100 days in office.

First African-American President

I can’t believe it, yet it was an overwhelming victory. I still can’t put my head around it that the US voted for an African-American president. President-elect Barack Obama galvanized voters in huge turnouts tonight.

The exit polls found that a broad majority of voters considered the economy to be the most important issue facing the nation. And Mr. Obama was viewed as much more qualified than Mr.McCain to deal with that issue.

This means that the US will pull out of Iraq. The war, the exploitation, Halliburton, the POW, this will finally stop. I wonder how people from the middle east are reacting to this news.

Zooomr Problem

I’ve been trying to access my Zooomr photos since last Wednesday and haven’t been able to. Does anyone else have this problem? My wife told me that she could access the site in Taiwan, but I’m in Canada and I haven’t had any luck whatsoever.

Zooomr Exodus

Some Zooomr users have gone over to Flickr in frustration with the unavailability of 6 months worth of photos on Zooomr.