Strange & Funny USB Hubs: Add a Bit of Fun to Desktops

111611_rg_StrangeUSBHubs_01.jpgWe always like having unobtrusive tech, but there comes a time when a bit of fun isn’t out of place. USB flash drives are usually the domain of the silly, but USB hubs come in a close second when it comes to the strange and whimsical…

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Iomega Mac Companion Expands iMac Storage, Ports

While I’m sure that the iMac is a great computer for many users, there’s just something that irks me about a desktop that’s made out of laptop parts. That being said, they still look pretty good, and have decent specs. You can now augment your iMac with the Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive, which adds an external hard drive combined with extra USB and Firewire ports to help plug in your other devices.

iomega mac companion hard drive imac apple

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Power-Strip USB Hub Lets You Switch Ports On and Off

I’ve never had much luck with USB hubs, especially the cheap ones. It doesn’t take them long to fry so I found that it’s best to plug in/out ports or spend more on a decent hub. This hub is made to look like a power-strip, complete with switches.

power strip usb japan hub

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Roundup: Five Unique and Stylish USB Hubs

053109_rg_roundup_usbhub_01.jpgIt’s a given that we need USB hubs. There aren’t enough USB ports on your computer to fit all of your gadgets and gizmos. USB hubs come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but ultimately people want something that works well and looks good. It’s that simple. The thing is that not all USB hubs are well designed or look great. That’s why we’ve decided to put together our faves in this post. Read on to find out more.

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More Transformers Peripherals: From Mice to USB Hubs

052209_rg_transformers_mice_01.jpgWell, we’ve just made a little discovery. There are more devices in disguise available out there for all of you Transformers nuts. Transformers are pretty close to LEGOs in their universal appeal to the male gender, since they all used to be little boys at some point. Transforming robots are just plain cool. I can remember fondly the Transformers that could be made into 3 different shapes or the ones that assembled to make a giant robot.

16 Port USB Hub: When You Just Don’t Have Enough Ports

051909_rg_16_usb_hub_01.jpgWith your camera, your phone, your USB drives, your iPod and more gadgets needing to be connected to your computer or laptop, you’ll need a lot of USB ports to satisfy your gizmos. Sure, you can always unplug them, but sometimes, it’s annoying to do so, especially if you have to disconnect and reconnect peripherals that you know you’ll be using a short time later.