Cassette Tape USB Hub: It’s Not An Old Mixtape


This 4-port USB hub looks exactly like an old school tape, but if you try and play it in a Walkman, you’ll damage it for sure. There’s nothing sweeter than having new tech look like old tech. The cassette tape USB hub is a perfect example for this, and no it can’t be used in a tape deck.

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Matias Folding Keyboard


Most people don’t enjoy typing on the little keyboards that come with laptops nowadays. Some of the bigger laptops have quite comfortable ones. However, the smaller form factor laptops can be a pain to type on. Matias has developed an interesting solution for this problem.

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Folderix USB Flash Drive: A Foldable USB Device

The Folderix USB flash drive is made by Art Lebedev, the team behind the ultimate keyboard, the Optimus Maximus. The drive is designed to look like a folder icon.

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Key Shaped USB Drive


The recent wave of ultra-thin USB drives continues with the KeyXpress, a key shaped USB flash drive by Aexea. This is actually a pretty cool concept, since you can easily lug around a good number on a keyring and mix them in with your other keys.

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World’s Cheapest 64GB USB Drive


The prices of USB flash drives keeps going down. The price of creating the devices is also plummeting. As usual, people always want to get the biggest possible drives. This is especially true for USB flash drives. The more memory you have, the more stuff you can carry around in your pocket.

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Wooden Animal USB Flash Drive


If getting a wooden USB flash drive isn’t enough, you can now purchase wooden animal USB drives. Marubeni InfoTech, the same company behind the wooden USB dirve, has launched these cute little 1GB drives.

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Wood USB Flash Drive


With all the wooden items going around, it was just a matter of time before someone made a USB flash drive out of wood. This USB drive is made out of cedar wood.

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Boynq Swing USB Hub


This uniquely designed USB hub looks a bit like a Newton cradle. The Boynq Swing suspends four USB ports underneath its striking arch.

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Swiss Army USB Knife


USB flash drives are a dime a dozen. As solid state memory becomes more popular, the USB drives are getting bigger and bigger. Right now, you can easily obtain 32GB USB flash drives pretty cheaply. However, form and function do not always exclude style. Recently, Swiss Army released the 8GB Swiss Army USB storage knife. Now, they’ve just updated their USB knife to 16GB, including an LED flashlight.

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Jellyclick Inflatable Mouse

The Jellyclick inflatable mouse is a mouse that has to be blown up with your mouth. (via unpluggd)