Stormtroopers on Vacation: The Empire Takes a Break

After Darth Vader took some time off, it’s nice to see that his underlings also get to take a vacation too. Rebels? Nah, let the sandtroopers or scouttroopers take care of them while stormtroopers take a greatly deserved break. Who says that stormtroopers don’t get to have any fun?

stormtrooper vacation fun empire star wars tropics

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How to Have a Mini Tech Vacation this Weekend

012811_rg_TechVacation_01.jpgWhile it’s true that some of us work less than others, most of us are quite busy, which is why once the weekend comes around, it’s time to relax and have a bit of fun, because starting Monday, the daily grind starts once again. Here are a few ways of having a mini tech vacation this week and enjoying some time off.

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Tech Not To Take On A Vacation: Logging Off

When you go on a vacation, it’s really nice to completely be disconnected from everything. While it’s nice to be able to access the Internet, it’s also very nice not to be interrupted or disturbed by the incessant vibrations of your cell phone.

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Oblication | “A vacation combined with an obligation, such as a work engagement or visiting family.”


Oblication is a portmanteau of obligation and vacation. I really like it!