The 111-Pound LEGO Battlestar Galactica Valkyrie

Did you think that Garry King’s 54-pound LEGO Battlestar Galactica spaceship was impressive? Check out his new latest creation, the BSG Valkyrie, made entirely of LEGO bricks, and weighing in at a whopping 111 pounds!

lego battlestar galactica 111 pounds cosmo

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Valkyrie-esque Weekend

Actually not.

I slept and stayed home mostly. I went to late at an obscene hour last night, about 3AM and woke up at 8h15 to go teach my class at 8h30. When I came back, I ate and went back to bed.

It’s been snowing all day.

I’ve watched half of Valkyrie. It’s actually pretty good, Tom Cruise notwithstanding. He’s not a very good actor. He just plays himself in all of his movies. It’s kind of rare to see Adolf Hitler on screen. I mean, you can easily see nazis all over the place, but Hitler, that’s something else. It’s actually kind of eerie. The wide angle shots of Hitler with his inner circle at Berghof helped with this feeling.