Valleywag’s Departing Editor Interviewed

Simon interviews Owen Thomas, Valleywag’s departing editor.

More Gawker Cuts

Sheila McClear has been fired from Gawker. Nick Denton has been pink-slipping a lot of people, as well as selling off the Consumerist, consolidating Valleywag into Gawker and other moves, even though ad revenue is up from last year. He predicts a dire year next year. With the upcoming credit crunch, his predictions aren’t that far off base. All webjournalists have been feeling the squeeze. Luckily, my web revenue isn’t my only one.

Microsoft Gates + Seinfeld Ads Canceled

Those annoying Microsoft ads featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld were finally canceled. I thought that they sucked, I guess I wasn’t the only one.

Stewart Butterfield Strange Resignation Letter

Stewart Butterfield’s strange resignation letter from Flickr and Yahoo. He’s known for writing quirky missives.

More Julia Allison

More on Julia Allison. After closing her blog today and viewing this by Feldman, I’m sure she’ll get all of the attention that she desires. I thought the whole lip dub BS that she was doing totally sucked ass, but that’s just me. Maybe people actually like that kind of shit.