Thought Policing

Thought Police Part IV: media

I read this post on OMSH last night. I was a bit taken aback surprised by what I was reading. In the post, Heather mentions that she succumbed into watching an R-rated movie called 88 Minutes (imdb) with Al Pacino. Here are some of my thoughts on media and policing your own thoughts. Naturally, these are my views. Some of them actually are similar to Heather’s, but in different degrees and about different things.

I saw that movie a few months ago. I didn’t think much of the movie at the time. I enjoyed seeing how all these smoking hot women were fawning all over a decrepit Al Pacino.

As for the violence, it’s pretty common in movies. I rarely look at ratings before watching a movie. Actually, I enjoy watching R rated movies since the content will be more mature. I hate it when cinematographers have to censor themselves while putting a story on the screen. I love Hong Kong action movies and the Japanese thriller movies, especially from Miike Takashi. There is this movie called Audition by Takashi. You can probably find it in North American specialty DVD rental shops.

The movie isn’t gruesome. It starts very simply and normally. There isn’t much gore of violence, but it’s hidden and implied. I’ve only dared to watch that movie once, even though I have it in my DVD collection. I watched a friend’s copy. My own copy is still shrink wrapped after 7 years. Needless to say, it’s disturbing.

Nevertheless, I do agree with not watching too much violence on TV or in movies. I do enjoy action movies, but some extreme horror movies from Japan and Hong Kong have made me wary of seeing dismembered bodies in media. Well, that’s not really true. What actually put me off that is watching the numerous autopsies that you see on CSI-like shows. A good zombie flick or horror movie doesn’t really disturb me. I think that Suspiria is one of the greatest movies of all time.

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