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4chan’s & Anonymous’ Chaos Theory

Vanity Fair explores 4chan and Anonymous through Housh, one of its hacktivists, and the founder of 4chan.

“Freedom of expression is priceless,” Anonymous crowed on their Twitter page. “For everything else, there’s MasterCard.”

[…] which means that anybody at any time in their lives can become Anonymous. Anonymous is nobody and nothing and nowhere.

Your empire has been compromised, your servers, your databases, online accounts and source code have all been ripped to shreds.

I was a lonely teenage hate machine, with a new computer and an old routine.

We will use this brief span of attention we’ve captured to deliver a clear and present message. Like a fistful of sand … the more you squeeze your citizens the more that they will flow right out of your hand.

The Craigslist Murder by Maureen Orth

Really good investigative journalism by Maureen Orth in Vanity Fair. The way that the killer was able to keep a “normal” life and a dual murderous one makes me think that he has psychopathic tendencies. Maureen also has a Q&A which was just posted.

Modern Iranian Culture for Dummies

John Lopez of Vanity Fair attemps to explain modern Iranian culture.

Gisele Bündchen by Mario Testino

Gisele photographed by Mario Testino for the May 09 issue of Vanity Fair

Gisele photographed by Mario Testino for the May 09 issue of Vanity Fair

The Vanities Girls

Retro pin-up shots with modern actresses

Retro pin-up shots with modern actresses. Carla Gugino.

The Vanities Girls slideshow showcases all of the actresses who posed for retro pin-up shots since 2006.

Continue reading ‘The Vanities Girls’

Vanity Fair on the Keith Gessen and Emily Gould Affair

Jim Windolf on the Keith Gessen and Emily Gould affair.

Ways to Save Money after the Economic Meltdown

Bruce Feirstein in Vanity Fair on how to start cutting costs to save money. #1 is to cut down on your costly iPhone plan. #2 is to cut down on your monthly cable bill. Funny, I don’t have either.

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