LG Lucid 3: Affordable Droiding

I recently changed smartphones after I had lost mine whilst after dropping it from my motorcycle, consulting it for directions when I was stopped. A few cars drove over it, and I was surprised that it still worked with a completely shattered screen. Nevertheless, I was happily surprised when I no longer had to fight the autocorrect on my new phone. If you’re going to change phones, check out the new and affordable LG Lucid 3.

lg lucid 3 android smartphone 620x568

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Developer Outsourced Own Job to China

There’s nothing worse when you learn that your job is about to be outsourced to another country. Apparently, one U.S. software developer took matters into his own hands and outsourced not just his own job, but a couple of his jobs to China – raking in the profits.

outsourcing job china

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Net Neutrality With Google & Verizon

I believe in Net Neutrality and believe fundamentally that Internet access should be a right for everyone. A NYT story reported that Google and Verizon were in talks in order to seal a deal to allow a tiered Internet. What’s kind of funny is that both companies vehemently denied this after the story was published. This either means that it’s totally true or that the NYT is wrong. However, other publications have reported on this using their own sources and the NYT is standing by its story. The FCC is against net neutrality, but I wouldn’t put it past a big corp to try and push this through in some fashion or the other.

For example, why is there a coach class and a 1st class on airplanes? Why can certain people have real beds on planes while the rest of us are packed up like sardines? This has nothing to do with equality, but the almighty allure of the dollar sign. While the USA is a democracy, it’s emphasis on capitalism halts social development and social programs. Corporations shouldn’t be allowed to influence policy, but they do through their agents and lobbyists.

Verizon Will Sell The iPhone in 2011

If you own an iPhone, you’ve probably been frustrated with AT&T’s coverage. We’ve heard hundreds of different complaints about how the aging network can’t handle all those iPhones. Well, no need to worry, because we’ve got some good news. Verizon will sell the iPhone in 2011.

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iPad Hacked to Include Verizon MiFi Device

If you think that the aging AT&T 3G network isn’t really up to par when it comes to dealing with the millions of new iPads, you might be right. An enterprising modder converted his iPad to the Verizon network, using Verizon’s MiFi device. It’s about 6 times faster now!

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