French Bulldog T-Shirt


French bulldogs are a comical breed of dog, as any Frenchie owner will attest. There’s no denying that these dogs have a lot of personality, and if you love the breed, you can showcase your love thanks to this interesting French Bulldog T-Shirt.

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Vintage Cameras Make Good Looking iOS Docks

What can you do with broken or discarded cameras that probably predate your date of birth? Unless they are still functioning, I guess they can make perfectly capable iPhone and iPod docks. Check out these retro docks made by Laboratoria Altieri. They put a whole new spin on reusing old tech.

vintage camera iphone dock

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Vintage Superhero Posters: Paper Fights Back

French illustrator Grégoire Guillemin created these retro posters as part of his series Exercises in Style, which remind me of the golden age of superheroes. Each poster is unique and the typography matches the overall tone of the art.

Gregoire Guillemin papercraft design superheroes art geek

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Vintage iPod/iPhone Dock from 1958: Nope, They Didn’t Have iPhones Back Then

iPod and iPhone docks are a dime a dozen, and it takes something special to get noticed in the plethora of different products. Check out this beautifully restored 1958 tabletop radio, that was modified to function as an iPod dock.

graham browne vintage ipod iphone dock hack


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Les Demoiselles d’Hamilton By David Hamilton 1973

Les Demoiselles d'Hamilton by David Hamilton 1973 via Dirty Blonde

The Yodeling Radio Man, A “Classic” Robot From the 1930s

Can you imagine why a robot would need to yodel? I’ve got no idea because yodeling is fricking annoying in my book. Radio Man was featured in the April 1939 issue of Popular Science, and was the Slim Whitman of early android technology.

robot vintage 1939 radio man

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Vintage Facebook, Skype, and Youtube Posters

Imagine what it would have been like for your grandparents to have Facebook, YouTube, and Skype in their lifetime. It might have gone something like this.

vintage ad facebook skype youtube

vintage ad facebook skype youtube

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