Record Made from Ice Plays (Until it Melts)

I’ve actually been in a couple of ice hotels, and I know that the frozen stuff is a very interesting material, but I’ve never heard anyone using ice to make a record. This froze 7-inch promotional record was released by indie band Shout Out Louds.

ice record shout out louds

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Star Wars AT-AT Vinyl Record Clock: The Empire Needs a Turntable

The Empire’s AT-ATs are wondrous, and that’s probably why I’ve seen them represented in so many different ways. This Star Wars AT-AT Vinyl Record Clock mashes up old vinyl records and AT-ATs for an awesome combination.

at at vinyl clock notbylaser

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Change The Record iPhone Amp Puts Old Records to Good Use

Do you love your old vinyl records, but have nothing to play them on? Then check out this amplifier/dock solution for iPhones. It was actually made out of a vinyl that’s been reshaped to work as an acoustic amplifier. It’s an good way of reusing old records when you no longer play them.

change the record paul cocksedge iphone amplifier

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Vasare Nar iPhone and iPad Cases: Geometry Wars

As many of us will probably admit, I have multiple cases for my iPad and iPhone, because I like so many of the designs out there. While I don’t go for stuff that’s too off the wall, like those bunny ear cases that I’ve seen, these geometric cases for iPhones and covers for iPads by Vasare Nar are just distinctive enough for me.

vasare nar iphone ipad skins 01

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Pablo Cialoni’s Pixel Superheroes: Heroic Bits

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen pixelated superheroes around here, but these ones created by Pablo Cialoni, better known by his handle Pahito, look slightly more minimal than the others that I’ve come across, while still conveying the essence of each character.

pablo cialoni pixel heroes 01

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Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Puxxle Pixel Puzzles

I used to like putting together puzzles, but I have gotten out of the habit over the years. These awesome pixel puzzles might just rekindle my love for puzzles, since they aren’t just puzzles, you can actually use them to decorate the walls of your house.

Puxxle Puzzle Pixel 01

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StickerFun’s Vinyl Stickers for MacBooks: Something for Everyone

Etsy vinyl decal stores are a dime a dozen, but from time-to-time you come across something cool. These great decals by StickerFun are pretty sweet, especially the ones from Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro.


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Zombie Snow White MacBook Decal: Freak’em Out Instead of Charmin’em

While the Snow White decal that I’ve seen is cute enough, thanks to a nice twist, this zombie Snow White decal will surprise pretty much everyone, thanks to its gruesomeness. It’s a nice spin on a popular decal, and should make your MacBook stand out.

zombie macbook decal vinyl snow white princess goth stickerman

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Inverted Nighstands Make Low-Key Media & Stereo Storage

Many people might disregard vinyls, but we still buy quite a few every year. In fact we’ve stopped buying CDs altogether. There’s one problem with buying so many vinyls: it’s that they need proper shelving so that they are easy to peruse. Most dedicated storage solutions tend to be elaborate and pricey. This is why we like this hack which combines a few IKEA Hopen nightstands to put together a decent solution, including space for stereo equipment.

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Nilox Vintage: Turn Vinyl Into MP3s

051209_rg_nilox_01.jpgHave you ever wanted to encode that old record collection your father has lying around? Maybe you’ve found some gems in the attic and wanted to sample them. It’s not easy to listen to records nowadays, since people tend to listen almost exclusively to digital music off their MP3 players. The fact of the matter is that I don’t even have a CD player anymore. I have DVD drives on my laptops. The Nilox NX100R will convert records directly into MP3s.