Cases of New Coronavirus Announced By WHO


The World Health Organization announced four new cases of the novel coronavirus that caused a great deal of worry just before the October hajj season. There have been four additional laboratory-confirmed cases. Out of these patients, one has died. Three of the new cases were in Qatar, and the other one was in Saudi Arabia.

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Crystal Meth Could Reduce Susceptibility to the Common Flu


Researchers suggest that a small dose of methamphetamine, i.e. crystal meth, could reduce the replication of the human influenza virus.

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Whole-Genome Analysis Identifies the Source of a Recent MRSA Outbreak


In Cambridge, UK, there was a superbug outbreak at a special-care neonatal unit that lasted several months last year. Thanks to insights gained from whole-genome sequencing, the outbreak was stopped.

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Phase III Vaccine Trial in Africa Gives Poor Results about New Malaria Drug


A phase III clinical trial in Africa of the RTS,S/AS01 malaria vaccine has reported disappointing results. The vaccine failed to show substantial protection for infants who received their first shot between 6 and 12 weeks of age.

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Hepatitis E Vaccine Debuts Thanks to Chinese Biotech Partnership


The world’s first vaccine against the hepatitis E virus began being deployed from China last week, promising to stop the propagation of a disease that infects 20 million people yearly and claims 70,000 lives. This vaccine is the result of an unusual public-private partnership in China’s biotechnology sector, and could help deliver other vaccines for diseases that have been overlooked.

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US Concerns about Biosecurity Could Hamper Collaborations in Viral Research


U.S. Federal health agencies have started to tighten security surrounding the research on deadly pathogens. The move is to enhance public safety, but some fear that this might hamper research.

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FDA States Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Tied to More Drugs

NECC headquarters was raided by the FDA in light of further allegations of misconduct.

A second steroid that has been manufactured by New England Compounding Center has been linked to another potential meningitis infection. The ongoing fungal meningitis outbreak has infected 231 people and killed 16.

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Gene Sequencing of New Coronavirus Speeds Up Testing

SARS coronavirus

Some of the scientists that helped fight the 2003 SARS epidemic are working on the new coronavirus, which seems to be related to SARS. Researchers reported that the genome sequence of the new coronavirus and the first diagnostic test to screen for it are available.

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New Coronavirus Could Infect Millions during Hajj in Saudi Arabia

Lung tissue containing the original SARS coronavirus (CDC, 2003)

Back in February 2003, a 65-year-old physician living near Hong Kong checked into a hotel. Sometime during his stay, he encountered a dozen other people; most of them were hotel guests on the same floor. The physician contracted a disease that left him with flu-like symptoms for a week before it started to develop into pneumonia. The next day he checked himself into a hospital and died later that day.

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West Nile Virus Might Be Linked to Kidney Problems


As of September of this year, there have been more than 2,600 new cases of West Nile virus in the USA, including 118 deaths, which were reported to the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia.

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