Visual Repellants May Help Prevent Shark Attacks


Structures in the brains of great sharks are similar to the ones found in humans, and these could be the key to prevent further shark attacks. Animal biologists at the University of Western Australia have discovered that the brains of Carcharodon carcharias have similarities in terms of the regions that are dedicated to visual input to those found in human brains.

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Females Distinguish Colors Better While Men Excel At Tracking Fast Moving Objects


After having put young adults with normal vision through a battery of tests, scientists were able to conclude that females are better at discriminating among colors, while males excel at tracking fast-moving objects and discerning detail from a distance. These evolutionary adaptations might be linked to the hunter-gatherer past of humans.

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Prosthetic Retina Are Experimentally Able to Restore Sight in Mice


Neuroscientists have been able to create a prosthetic retina that was able to partially restore the sight to blind mice. The device could be eventually adapted to do the same in human patients. Twenty million people worldwide have become blind due to the degeneration of their retinas, which from the back of the eye converts light into a neural signal.

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Photovoltaic Retinal Implants Combined with Video Goggles Could Restore Sight


Scientists have been trying to develop feasible retinal implants for decades, but meshing them with the human visual system has always been tricky. James Loudin, from Stanford University, California, and his colleagues have developed a new solution that might overcome past problems thanks to the use of a special pair of glasses, which fire infrared signals into the eye onto an implanted array of silicon photodiodes.

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NVIDIA Wired 3D Glasses: Cheaper, But Does Anybody Still Want 3D?

NVIDIA just announced the launch of these new wired 3D Vision glasses, which are supposed to be more cost effective than their 3D Vision active shutter glasses. These 3D glasses connect to your PC via USB, getting power and data over the cable rather than infrared signals.

nvidia vison 3d glasses usb wired cable hdtv pc

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Bosch Vision Energy Efficient Washers & Dryers

Energy efficiency is the holy grail of large appliances. Everyone wants the convenience of having them, but most people would also like to reduce their ecological footprint and get machines that will save them money in the long run. Bosch has made some interesting claims about their super-ecological washer and dryer they call Vision.

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Dyslexic Eyes

Picking up my new prescription tomorrow

I was really annoyed on Saturday when I picked up my glasses on Saturday.

But wait, let me tell you exactly what happened since Wednesday.

When I got my glasses on Wednesday, they were fine. However, the lenses didn’t fit tight enough and made squeaky sounds when I held the frames. I demonstrated this to the store and they promptly took them back on Friday to replace the lenses. They wanted to replace just one lens, but I showed them how both lenses were squeaky, the right one slightly less than the left one. Still, it was annoying and I was wondering when the lenses would just pop out.

I picked them up on Saturday. Both lenses had been replaced, at the store’s expense. I tested them and was sure that they were fit pretty snug, so I took them home. A few hours later, I realized that I no longer had 20/10 vision; my left eye was noticeably fuzzy compared to a few days earlier. I dropped off my glasses at the store on Sunday, telling them that the left eye’s lens was wrong.

Today, I went to the store again. They made me pass another eye exam. It turns out that my left eye’s prescription has slightly changed.

I have dyslexic eyes.

In actuality, I think that since I wear an old prescription at home and I rarely wear my contacts inside, my eyes have gotten used to not seeing very sharp. It’s always slightly blurry. This is tricky because it has to do with the astigmatism, not the nearsightedness. Anyway, since the left eye’s lens needs to be replaced, I’ll get the right prescription tomorrow.

While I was there, I spotted another pair of frames that I wouldn’t mind buying.

So in total, I’ll have made 7 trips to the store instead of just the customary 2. Lucky they’re just down the street.