Invoxia AudiOffice: The Ultimate iOS Speakerphone?

At this week’s Mobile World Congress, Invoxia introduced the AudiOffice, a new product that’s basically a fancy speaker dock for your iOS devices. While it has nothing to do with Audi cars, it has everything to do with AudiO. The dock is optimized for the VOIP and video chat capabilities of your iOS devices. The whole package is attractive, and I wouldn’t mind having one on my desk, thought it seems it’s a bit pricey for what it does.

invoxia audioffice dock

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The Striking New Bang & Olufsen BeoCom Does VOIP

102109_rg_beocom_01.jpgIt’s always nice to see that everyone is updating their new products, especially Bang & Olufsen. The Danish company has always been known for their incredible-looking devices. This new one is no exception.

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MagicJack Flying Off The Shelves, Plans Femtocell

070809_rg_MagicJack_01.jpgWhen is the last time you used your landline? In fact, do you still have a real landline, or is it now a VoIP line, or does it come provided from your internet service provider in a handy package? A lot of us aren’t using landlines anymore, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t relevant. In fact, a lot of older people still swear by them. Now, VoIP gadget MagicJack will help seniors and people who just don’t want to deal with the whole VoIP thing make cheap phone calls using their computers.

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The Skype Certified Phone: Perfect If You Hate Headsets

040809_rg_skypephone_01.jpgSkype and VOIP type communication methods are rapidly becoming the dominant way to talk with others. It’s a perfect way to use the internet to cut costs drastically on your long distance plan, if you still have one. With these types of phones, and others, you are able to get a number and have it function like a landline. That’s really good if you aren’t fond of the headsets that most Skype users have.

Retro Phone: Combining the Old with the New

031009_rg_retrophone_01.jpgBuying phones is always something problematic. There are so many phones out there with so many features. As a base rule, cordless phones are cool, but they rarely have the same reception as a corded model. At least, that’s been my experience. Why do we need so many features? How about just a simple phone that does its job very well?

Why Should You Use VOIP Instead of a Landline

A lot of people might be wondering why you need to use VOIP instead of a traditional landline. VOIP has become extremely popular, thanks to Skype, a service that lets you use your computer to talk to your friends over a broadband internet connection. Right now, most TV cable companies and phone companies offer VOIP handset deals. The reason why they are so popular is because in most place, the old phone company had always the monopoly of landlines. Calls between cities in the same country are considered as long distance, and don’t even start looking at international long distance calls. The costs are pretty steep. But first of all, what is VOIP? VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, a way to talk over the internet.

Ooma: One Time Fee VOIP Service

There are a multitude of VOIP systems out there. It’s hard to make a choice. Ooma was launched last year and is a one-time fee VOIP service that actually has a really good looking handset. Plus there is the option of getting more features if you are ready to pay a monthly fee. We think that the basic module will be good for most users. There is also the possibility of low-cost international calls.

DIY: How To Turn Your Old Cell Into A VOIP Skype Handset

Who hasn’t got an old cell phone lying around? Almost all of us do, since we change cell phones every other year. There are programs by service carriers to recycle phones, but there are other things that you can do with those old phones, like turning them into a Skype handset. We love skype, but the headsets aren’t always the best to use. There are dedicated USB/VOIP phones out there, that you will simply need to plug into your computer, but how about creating your own for a lot cheaper? Instructables author JFDuval did the same thing with his old phone. Here’s how he did it.

Tatung VOIP Phone: Skype With Style


Using VOIP has become easier and easier, so much that some people almost exclusively use it. Landlines are slowly becoming a thing of the past, thanks to VOIP technology. It’s always been a challenge to find a way to use VOIP efficiently. Microphones and headsets can only go so far. The solution is to make using VOIP just like using a telephone, which is why Tatung commissioned Nova Design to design this beautiful VOIP handset.

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