Volkswagen XL1: 261-MPG Hybrid Car to Become Production Reality

There’s something quite amazing about hybrid and electric vehicles, especially if you tend to pile on the miles each and every week. At some point, you become interested in cutting down on costs, spending less on fuel, and being more mindful of the environment. The Volkswagen XL1 takes it up a notch in all of these areas.

volkswagen xl1 hydrid car

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Volkswagen Microbus Meets AT-AT: Camper Van Hothoven

I can already see a storyline evolving in my mind of a poor, lonesome AT-AT Imperial Walker on the run from those pesky rebels, deciding to make babies with a Volkswagen bus and start a family.

at at volkswagen microbus

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Volkswagen Develops Auto-Pilot: Cruise Control Is So Yesterday

Back when I was in finance, I used to spend long hours in my car driving around. I would have loved to have any kind of auto pilot, to take over when you get extremely tired. Now that’s one thing that we all need. While in my dreams, I’d love to just sit back and let computers do everything, you can’t really do this since Volkswagen’s new Auto-Pilot only lasts for a short time.

volkswagen auto pilot tap cruise control lane assist lasers radar

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How Porsche Took Over VW

A great article from the Economist on how Porsche pawned hedge funds to take over VW.