Binary Burst LED Clock Won’t Blow up in Your Face, But Will Challenge Your Brain

This LED clock was created by Mike Szczys and it’s pretty unusual. It tells time using binary numbers, so if you want to use something like this, better brush up on your binary.

binary burst led clock

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Irrational Numbers Clock is Perfectly Rational (If You’re a Mathematician)

The Irrational Numbers Clock is slightly more complicated that the Unit Circle Radian Wall Clock. Also, the fact that it looks like a blackboard has a certain scholarly appeal. While I am a mathematician, anyone with high-school math should be able to read this clock. That’s not because they’ll know what all these irrational numbers are, it’s just that all you just need to do is look at the position of the hands to figure out the time.

irrational numbers clock math wall fun novelty

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Asteroids Blik Vinyl Wall Decals Turn Your Space into a Hyper-Space

There’s nothing like decorating your own place, especially the walls. This usually entails wallpaper or paint of some kind. Thankfully, that’s not your only recourse, especially if you love retro gaming. These Blik Asteroids Wall Stickers will quickly turn your pad into a giant Atari game.


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The Great Wall Of iPads

Even though the iPad was just announced, there are already plenty of concepts emerging that could take advantage of the device. This one is somewhat interesting, but dubious. It’s basically a huge display made from a bunch of refurbished/recycled iPads. (Once there are refurbished/recycled iPads to be had.)

ipad wall design refurbished

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