QWERTY Walls Will Hypnotize Touch Typists

Like many people involved with computers, I have a fascination with keyboards. While I rarely look closely at keyboards these days, I use them constantly. They are still the fastest way of inputting data into a computer. There has yet to be a viable alternative for keyboards, and I think it will take quite some time before this changes. This is why I’d like to have my own QWERTY walls please.

qwerty walls sarah frost keyboard art

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LEGO Duplo Walls: I Want My Whole Place Like This

While this LEGO Duplo-walled room was originally supposed to be for kids, I can just imagine what you can do with a room like this. Think about it, you could start building stuff right off the walls, and since we all know that you can almost do anything with LEGOs, the sky is the limit. These walls use those oversize Duplo bricks, but that doesn’t mean that the same thing isn’t possible with LEGO boards.

lego walls toys playroom great builds

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