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5 Handsome High-Capacity Washers & Dryers

While small washing machines are perfect for apartment dwellers, people with families tend to need bigger ones. That’s why high-capacity washing machines are needed to get all of the laundry done. It helps when you can cut down on the amount of loads that you need to do. Here are some of our favorites.

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Stainless Steel Washing Machine Drum Used As Fire Pit

Ever since I remember, we’ve been using stainless steel washing machine drums as makeshift fire pits. They are great to have around during long summer nights, perfect for making s’mores and relaxing with friends.

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Clatronic Washing Machine Is Small & Perfect For Renters

032610_rg_ClatronicWashing_01.jpgIt’s true that washing machines are great to have around when you have a big family, but there are a lot of people for whom something a lot smaller would make a lot of sense. It’s true that the age-old custom of spending a night at the laundromat still holds, but this small washing machine is just nice to have around.

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Electrolux Cold Water Washing Machine Saves You Money

012710_rg_ElectroluxCold_02.jpgWhat if you could clean your clothes thoroughly without using the hot water cycles on your washing machine? Well Electrolux came up with a washing machine that does exactly that, cleaning all of your clothes without ever needing any hot water.

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OVO: The Washing Machine From the Future?

020409_rg_ovo_01.jpgFor most people, it seems like washing machines haven’t changed in 50 years. Sure they’re more energy efficient and green, but basically, it’s the same type of machine. Back in the day, people thought that by the year 2000, everyone would fly to work on their jetpacks on in their hover-cars. This hasn’t happened and it looks like washing machines will stay the same for the next few decades, that is until some kind of future tech will revolutionize the way that we wash. However, it’s still possible to improve the idea.

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