Rangic Art

Tombo ABT felt color pens
Tombo ABT felt color pens

I just went through my artwork and found a bunch of pieces that I haven’t posted or scanned. I think I’ll do this in the next few days. There are some pieces that aren’t finished. I started working on paperblog #42¹. I couldn’t decide on what size to use. I decided to start small, with a Maruman Soho sketch pad, 4.9″x6.9″. This medium is a lot better than the previous cheap paper I used for paperblogs.

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Numerical Analysis Art

Here are the pieces that I worked on last night for about 45 minutes. It felt good to do this amidst the craziness of the end of term.

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For The Love Of A Notebook

Great article over at retinart on the Moleskine drawings of Ghostskool.

Trixy By Olivier Ozoux

A beautiful watercolor painting in a Moleskine of a girl named Trixy by Olivier Ozoux.