Google Wave & Google Buzz

via TechCrunch

If Google Wave is the future, Google Buzz is the present.

A lot of buzz is going around about Google Buzz. If there’s anything that ever threatened Twitter, it’s got to be Google Buzz, with it’s smooth integration into GReader and GMail. Sure, the interface isn’t perfect, but GMail’s interface also took some time to be polished. I’ve got Wave, but I’ve only logged in a few times. It’s not really that relevant to me. However, Google Buzz kind of bridges the gap. I can see how it would get really interesting to a lot of people.

For now, I’ll continue using Twitter, but Buzz is hard to dismiss when it beckons in my inbox. However, since I try to use a sort of Inbox Zero system, I rarely leave an email tab open for long periods of time. I do leave GReader and Twitter open a lot until I log off in the evenings, which begs the question, will I just keep GReader and Buzz, now that they are slowly merging?

I don’t know. I like keeping things separate. Google has a way of merging services that is somewhat annoying, especially for people working in technology. I don’t want to be reached all of the time, and having all of these ways of commenting and reading stuff is sometimes just time wasted.

I use GReader as a tool. Twitter is also fun, much more for personal stuff, than my blog posts and comments. I guess time will tell, but the general buzz is good for Buzz.

Google Wave Getting Some Mixed Feelings

Some of the tech journalists that have been trying Google Wave for the last few days have got some mixed feelings about it. Steve Rubel, Robert Scoble, and Louis Gray all conclude that Google Wave is more unproductive than conducive to team collaborations. I haven’t gotten an invite, so I can’t really comment, but I can see how this is an issue.

Google Wave Preview

Gina has got a full preview of Google Wave available over at Lifehacker. Looks interesting, but I don’t work in collaboration with others, so the appeal is limited for me. But anyone who works on projects with collaborators will like this.