Joshua Davis Piece Gets Optioned

Kottke reports that the latest Joshua Davis piece on the 100 million diamond heist has been optioned into a movie. I linked to it through Andy’s Waxy Links. It might be directed by JJ Abrams himself. Joshua Davis also wrote High Tech Cowboys of the Deep Seas: The Race to Save the Cougar Ace, which has also been optioned for film.

That’s really cool, since I use both of these texts in my advanced ESL classes. They are great and it’s astounding that these articles are being made into movies. I didn’t know that this actually happened.

The Untold Story of a 100 Million Dollar Diamond Heist

I found this link a few days ago and have just started reading it. It’s a really interesting article that was pieced together by Wired’s Joshua Davis. (via waxy)

The Big Picture

If you haven’t heard of The Big Picture blog, head on over there right now. It’s got incredible photo posts detailing different events, from the faces of Sudan, to photos from the Mars Rover, to the floods that happened in the USA in Iowa recently. Andy Biao from Waxy interviews Alan Taylor, the man behind the blog.


MagCloud is Derek Powazek’s new venture with HP Labs. upload a PDF and you pick the markup. (via waxy)

Tegaki The Handwritten Blog

Tegaki is a handwritten blog, through paper, Wacom tablets and other media forms. (via waxy)


It’s satisfying when I see something that I blogged days ago being picked up by the majors blogs like Kottke, Swissmiss and Waxy. Doesn’t happen often, but it’s happened a few times.