Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted S17 First Impressions

I’m not sure with the way that Bungie was going on about keeping everything secret about this season. They were going to keep it like this until a couple of hours before launch. It seems a bit odd. The most recent TWABs didn’t give many details. They talked about sandbox changes and some upcoming features, like how they plan on changing seasonal events. They didn’t talk at all about what’s coming. It went so far as people speculating that both Arc and Solar 3.0 were coming at the same time or that the season was delayed.

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Satellites Could Be Used to Detect Nuclear Tests


Underground nuclear tests can be detected in the skies and as a result, global satellite networks could become a powerful tool in order to detect clandestine underground nuclear explosions (UNE).

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BodyGuard: Futuristic Gauntlet Stun Gun Becomes Reality

It’s surprising how some tech that you thought belonged in science-fiction can actually become reality. The BodyGuard is a stun gun that is housed in a futuristic gauntlet and will “add” an extra 300,000+ volts to any punch you land. Talk about knocking someone’s socks off!


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LEGO Weapons Collection: and Yes, You Can Actually Shoot Them

When I first saw these LEGO guns, I thought that for sure that they wouldn’t be able to fire. But I’ve been proven wrong, and they can actually fire LEGO bricks. Sweet!

lego jack streat guns fully functional

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