8-Bit Tie: Perfect if You’re Interviewing to Be a Video Game Character

While it’s been around for a while, the pixelated 8-Bit Tie might still be cool to wear around if you’re a big fan of retro video games, especially if your office has a casual dress code.

8 Bit Tie 01

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Nike Air MAG Sneakers: The Full Monty

Well, I was pretty excited earlier when I read all about the new Nike Air MAGs, the Marty McFly sneakers from Back to the Future II, but now that Nike has revealed the full details about the Air MAGs, I’m sad to report that they won’t feature functional power-laces.

nike air mag sneakers back to the future real marty mcfly

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Nooka Zub Zoo 40 Watch: Lets You Swap Bands on the Fly

Nooka just released an update to their Zub Zoo LCD watch. They’re calling it the Zub Zoo 40 and it’s got an interesting feature, which makes it very easy to swap out bands. This means that you can customize them quite easily.

nooka zub zoo 40 watches design style timepiece

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Keyboard Jacket: Stylishly Geeky, Best Left Home

Some geeks have a strange fashion sense. The Computer Keys jacket is no exception. It will dress up your favorite geek in the most geeky way possible: by covering him or her in a wearable keyboard. It’s too bad that the keyboard doesn’t actually work. Now that would have been cool.


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Keep Your Money In A LEGO Wallet

For many of us, LEGOs are just plain cool, or at least they were when we were kids. Now brickfans can add another item to their collection of blocky stuff with these cool LEGO wallets.

lego wallet

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Kinekt Gear Ring: The Only Ring A Geek Would Ever Want

This unique creation looks to me like one cool ring, one of the rare rings that I’m actually interested in, other than the One ring to rule them all.


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