Belkin NetCam: Big Brother Is Watching You… At Night… In the Dark…

I can’t remember exactly the last time I paid for a webcam, probably 8 years ago, or something like that, however if you use your webcam a lot, it makes sense to buy something with a better sensor than the one you’ve got stuck on the top of your laptop. Check out Belkin’s NetCam, a webcam that’s got night vision.

belkin netcam

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HP HD 5210 Webcam Lets You Skype in Hi-Def: Is That a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

I’m always annoyed at the low resolution I have on my integrated webcam, so it makes sense to get something with a more pixels. HP’s HD 5210 will allow you to Skype in HD, which can be good or bad, depending on how you’re looking that day. Actually, it’s probably all good for most of us.


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iZON Room Monitor: Use Your iPhone as a Remote Spy Cam

The iZON Remote Room Monitor isn’t the first way to watch what’s happening at home on your iPhone, but it does look like it’s the most user-friendly. It’s basically a simple camera that will let you see what’s happening and will even record what it sees on YouTube.

izon room monitor camera security iphone remote

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Toy Story Giant Alien USB Webcam Will Take Over Your Desktop

This Toy Story Alien USB Webcam stands at around 15 inches in height, which means that it’s larger than the actual aliens that were featured in Toy Story. It’s big enough that it will stand out on your desk (and honestly it might clash with a few things on your workstation.)

alien webcam toy story computers toys

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World’s Smallest Video Camera Can Fit In Your Nose

This is the world’s tiniest camera and it’s been designed to shoot video inside your body. It’s supposed to replace the fiber optic endoscope despite the fact that I saw it used in the last episode of House, it’s not science fiction.

tiny camera fraunhofer spy endoscope medical

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RC Plane Camera Is Your Own Eye in the Sky

This awesome little device is a lightweight digital camera that can be attached to any RC device and capture photos or videos. Heck, with one of these, you could make your own homebrew surveillance drone.

rc plane camera remote control webcam drone

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Chatroulette’s Creator Is Revealed

The creator of the random webcam chat site Chatroulette was revealed as a Russian teenager.

Star Trek Enterprise Webcam Warps Onto Desktops

This is the perfect webcam for any Trekkie out there. It’s made to look like the original Starship Enterprise.

star trek webcam enterprise brando

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Heighten Home Security With Astak Mole Webcam

112009_rg_AstakMole_01.jpgIf you want to setup a not too expensive way of looking into your home, and getting some interesting security features, then you should look at the Astak Mole webcam. Read on to find out more!

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Vue Personal Video Network: Easy Home Security

092509_rg_vuesec_01.jpgIt’s always prudent to install some kind of security system in your pad or home. It’s not just for rich or people with big houses. It’s for everyone. For example, if you’ve got pets and you want to check up on them while you’re at work, some kind of wireless camera would be great.

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