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XKCD Click & Drag

Click & drag the last panel. It’s supposed to measure about 46 feet in length.

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Halloween in 3 Pixels

What's your Halloween costume going to be?

Great little webcomic in 3 Pixels over at Knights of the Pixel.

Super Mario: Mushroom Killing Takes Its Toll

Did you ever stop to think about what Super Mario’s life was really like? He goes around stomping on anthropomorphic mushrooms and turtles all day, but is that the whole story? Looks like this webcomic from Maneggs has got the answer and it ain’t pretty. It turns out that being a serial mushroom killer weighs heavily on the little plumber’s mind.

super mario conscience maneggs webcomic nintendo vintage retro

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Moresukine is a weekly webcomic from Dirk Schwieger that has been recently compiled into a book (via moleskinerie)

Mattress By Xkcd

Mattress by xkcd.

Exploits Of A Mom With Image

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