Snail Mail My Email: Send Email the Old Fashioned Way, or You Could Just Get a Pen and Write a Letter

There have been a few different attempts at sending email via good old snail mail, but this is the first that looks promising to me. Snail Mail My Email sounds like an interesting service, and the big difference from other services is that your email is actually handwritten before being sent off.

snail mail email snailmailbyemail website service free

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Stormtrooper 404 Error: No, This Isn’t the Page You’re Looking For

This 404 page made me laugh. It’s from the 501st Legion’s website. What’s the 501st Legion? It’s a Star Wars costume organization, but not just any Star Wars costume organization, the world’s definite Imperial costume organization. This means Jedis and padawans are not allowed.

stormtrooper error 404 star wars sandtrooper

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