Google Adds Latin Translation: Now You Can Swear In A Dead Language!

While I did have to take Latin in 7th and 8th grade, most of it has either been stashed away deep in the recesses of my brain or forgotten. Probably the latter. However, I really like the fact that Google Translate can now translate into Latin, which is considered a dead language.

latin google translate fun swearing

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Annoying Tune Stuck In Your Head? Unhear It!

Ever had a song stuck in your head for a few days and tried desperately to get it rid of it? Now you can use unhearit to make sure that you won’t hear it again.

unhear it song mind hack annoying

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Is Reddit Bigger Than Digg? [infographic]

There’s a reason why I’ve always liked Reddit better than Digg. Maybe it had to do with how cheeky they are, maybe it’s got to do with the fact that I strongly disliked the whole Digg Mafia thing. After the whole Digg Revolt, it’s now time for Reddit to provide evidence that it is actually bigger social news site – at least in terms of pageviews.

reddit social news website digg pageviews

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Are Facts Too Confusing? Try Fake Science

Are facts too confusing for you? Then you should try out Fake Science. It will answer all of your questions without those pesky, annoying facts that everyone keeps flaunting around.

fake science tumblr websites humor facts

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Digg Vs Reddit: Which One Will Win?

Rate Rush put together this handy chart comparing Reddit and Digg. Between the two, who would win in a fight? I no longer use either on a regular basis, but some people swear by these social news sites.

digg reddit social media votes chart

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