The AutoWed: Get Married in an Instant

If going to Vegas to get hitched isn’t quick enough for you, check out what the AutoWed can do for you. It’s an automatic wedding machine. While I don’t think that it is recognized in all U.S. States (in fact, probably none) it makes you think about what marriage will be like in the future. It will probably most likely be more like an app from an App Store or a relationship status update on Facebook.

autowed conceptshed wedding machine automated robot future tech

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Ring Projector: Cool Wedding Ring, Or Pocket-Sized Bat-Signal?

These portrait projecting rings were made by the Bristol artist Luke Jerram for his wife. They were inspired by the Stanhope optical jewelry of the 19th century. Luke worked with a jeweler named Tamrakar so that this ring can project the embedded image onto a wall when a light source is applied.

projecting ring luke jerram wedding batman

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October 9 2008

Stolen wedding pic
Stolen wedding pic

A rich bride in her 40s getting married. The wedding took place at the oldest church in Quebec.

Babies And Weddings


Analogies to live by, by Justin Feinstein

Bringing dogs to weddings also sucks. (via swissmiss)