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  • 2011 Wilier 799

    Wilier has unveiled a new frame at the Taipei Cycle Show. It’s called the 799 and supposedly weighs 750g for a size M. There is a new BB, which is annoying from my point of view, but apparently it’s exclusive to Wilier. It’s 35% more impact resistant and improves vibration absorption by 12%. These numbers […]

  • Velocite Geos Prototype Budget Weight Weenie

    I’m pretty happy to say that my next carbon fiber bike is getting put together. It took a little while longer to source all of the parts as I was trying to keep costs as low as possible. This involved trying to use second-hand or slightly used gear, but in the end, all of it […]

  • Velocite Geos Update

    I’ve just heard that the new Velocite Geos frames will soon be out of the prototype phase. It came in at an amazing 873g for size L (570mm top tube C-C with rear derailleur hanger, add 5g for BB cable guide). This super low weight is also amazing for another reason: the original sample was […]

  • Cervelo Project California R5CA

    Cervelo has just given more information about their R5CA über light frame. It’s supposed to weigh 675-680g for a size 54. This is a quote which includes paint, derailleur mounts, seat collar and even bottle cage bolts.

  • The Pinarello Dogma/Prince Dilemma

    If you are in the market for a frame from Pinarello, and you don’t want to spend too much money, then you should seriously consider buying a ’08 or ’09 Prince carbon frame. The Dogma is the latest and greatest from Pinarello. It just came out last fall and retails for $5,500 in the US. […]

  • The Ultimate Weight Weenie

    Unlike my previous post, this build is a no holds bar try at making an ultra-light bike. Although there could be other options for the frameset, I’ve decided to build upon a Scott Addict R1 frame, which weighs 790g. While the AX Alpha could be used in such a build, it’s not yet available and […]

  • The Budget Weight Weenie

    I’ll be receiving a Velocite Geos prototype frame at the end of May. I’ve decided to build it up with Shimano Dura Ace Di2. Here is what my preliminary build list looks like. Since this is a budget weenie and I’m also sourcing parts from the second hand market, I’ve decided for a bunch of […]

  • AX Lightness Will Produce the AX Alpha 580-Gram Frame

    It looks like AX Lightness will be jumping onto the lightweight frame bandwagon. This is an interesting development. Weight: 580 g in size S Price (frame): 3900 € Price (frame+fork+headset): 4600 € This makes deciding upon my German weight weenie an easy choice.

  • Asterisk*Cycles Becomes AX Lightness Dealer

    I got some great news today. Asterisk*Cycles has become an official dealer for AX Lightness parts. AX Lightness makes ultra-lightweight parts for road and MTB bikes, from the 60-gram Zeus stem to the 195-gram rims.

  • Velocite Geos

    Victor just announced that he’s testing a new lightweight frame that will be called the Geos. It’s going to be very light, something like the Storck Fascenario 0.7, but a little more affordable. In his post, Victor promises that it will be reasonable. The Geos won’t be as stiff as the Magnus or the Helios, […]