Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale: Wireless Weigh-Ins to Combat the Holidays

It’s never good when your bathroom scale gives you inconsistent readings. That’s probably one of the reasons why people seem to like these new high-tech scales that can track your weight history via your smartphone. There aren’t too many available on the market yet, so it’s good to see more alternatives popping up like this one from Wahoo Fitness.

wahoo smartphone scale 1

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Lighter Mobile Setups for Every Type of Road Warrior

121211_rg_MobileSetups_01.jpgThere are more and more people who need different kinds of mobile setups in order to get stuff done. While not everyone needs to lug around a full-on laptop, here are some of the different types hardware that we found work well together. They also include some ideas on what you can have at home, so that you’ve got everything set up right.

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How To Reduce Your Tech Weight

011911_rg_TooMuchTech_02.jpgA recent stay at the hospital has weakened our strength somewhat, so we’ve been forced to examine how much stuff and tech we take around every day out of practicality. The fact of the matter ideally you should carry what you need at a comfortable weight; you don’t want to be carrying around too much stuff for both health and safety reasons. But how to trim the fat?

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Improve Your Fitness With Bathroom Scales

When Lance Armstrong was recently asked what piece of technology improved his training and general fitness level the best, he answered that a simple bathroom scale and the motivation to get your exact weight each morning was the most important tech he used. That being said, it’s hard to go on a scale day in day out, but it’s the best way to track your general fitness level, because almost everyone knows their ideal weight.

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The Biggest Problem With Losing Lots Of Weight

Since January 2008, I’ve lost about 50 lbs. Since this summer, because of my training efforts, I’ve gained some weight back in musces, mostly on my legs. I’ve noticed more muscles in my upper body as well, muscles that weren’t there last year.

Now I have to agree that I had some extra weight on my body. This has started accumulating since I started working in finance in 2003. The constant meals at restaurants, being always on the road and not working out took its tool. In 2006, I ran for six months 4.2 km a day. I wasn’t running very fast and I hurt my knee at some point and stopped running altogether. I was planning on starting up again, but them we moved to Asia to teach English.

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