Der Zeisel: The Ultimate Off-Road Wheelchair

Have you ever wanted to feel like Emperor Palpatine, or Davros, the creator of the Daleks? Well, now you can get closer to that sensation, thanks to this off-road machine. It looks like the ultimate wheelchair, putting all other wheelchairs to shame.

der zeisel offroad wheelchair machine 620x298

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Wheelblades Help Wheelchairs Tackle Snow and Ice

Wheelchairs have difficulties moving about in snow, but no longer thanks to Wheelblades. These small skis can be easily mounted on the front wheels of wheelchairs or baby buggies, significantly improving their mobility in snow and ice.

wheelchair wheelblades mobility snow ice

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WALL-E-Style Chair Coming to a Couch Potato Near You

Didn’t I read somewhere that too much sitting down is slowly killing us all? Well, apparently this isn’t a problem for a young Iranian designer Mohamad Sadegh Darounkolayi, who’d like to see everyone prance around in these motorized chairs, reminiscent of what we saw in WALL-E. Needless to say that future generations will become ultra-fatties, thanks to this device.

wall-e chair wheelchair motorized concept transportation future fatties

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