Remote Control Shutter Release Made Out of Wii Nunchuk

You probably have one or two extra Wii Nunchuk controllers lying about, or better yet, some cheapo knock-off ones that your friends, family, or kids just chucked around too hard and you no longer use. This was why Duncan Murdock decided to use one of those spare controllers to make a remote shutter control for his new DSLR.

Wii Nunchuk Shutter Release DSLR 01

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Video Game Console Life Cycle: Buying Your Next One

Unlike computers, tablets and smart phones, video consoles can last you a long time. Some manufacturers have 10-year product cycles, while others tend to be more flexible. Exceptionally, some of these consoles initially cost more to produce than their initial MSRP. All of the consoles have been on the market for at least 5 years, and you’d expect them all to get ready to release their next generation gaming console.

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Wii 2 Controller to Have 6.2-inch Touchscreen?

Rumors are flying that a new console from Nintendo will ship in the fall. According to various sources, Wii 2, Wii HD or “Project Cafe” as it’s known by insiders, will have one incredible controller/remote. While I don’t know how accurate this IGN mockup is, the idea of a 6.2-inch diagonal touchscreen with 8 buttons is certainly intriguing.


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Wii UNLimited Edition: Unnecessary But Cool Water-Cooling

I get the point about cooling an Xbox 360. Those suckers overheat pretty quickly, but the Nintendo Wii? I’ve never heard any complaints over that console’s heat, but that didn’t stop Angel OD from the Bit-Tech Forums to water-cool his Wii, in this completely superfluous hack. It’s called the Wii UNLimited Edition.

water cool wii nintendo console hack mod

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Shinobii Wii Ping Pong Paddle: Perfect For Smacking Balls

The Wii has had its share of crazy controllers. This is definitely a strange one: it’s a reproduction of a table tennis paddle. One thing’s for sure, if you love table tennis, then this is the Wii pad for you!

shinobii wii table tennis pad controller

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Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Wii-mote: Bleh?

Are you a Doctor Who fan? Do you have a Nintendo Wii? Then you’ll be happy to find out that those swashbucklers at  Nintendo came up with an official Doctor Who sonic screwdriver Wii-mote. Pass or want?


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Ghostbuster Wii-mote Mod: Ready For Action!

With this fancy wii-mote, the question that is on the tip of my tongue is simply: who are you going to call? Answer: Ghostbusters!

ghostbusters wii remote console video games

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Nyko’s Wii Gaming Accessories: Type, Charge And Shoot!

If the standard Wii-mote isn’t cool enough for you and your Wii, then maybe you should check out Nyko’s latest offerings. They include the Type Pad, a charger for 4 Wii-motes and a new gun peripheral.

wand nyko wii-mote wii video games

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Wiiwaa: Gag Me With A Wii-mote!

This new interactive video game is aimed at kids and involves stuffing your Wii-mote down a plush animal’s throat! Fun!

wiiwaa controller nintendo wii

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Nintendo Wii Shortages

The Nintendo Wii was launched a year ago and finding one is still problematic, even though Nintendo has almost doubled production.