Gigantic Downdraft Energy Tower Planned Near US-Mexico Border


Scientists are planning to build a massive type of new power generator in south-western Arizona, which relies on evaporative cooling to create wind. It should deliver enough energy to power a medium to large city with no negative environmental impact.

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iFan Looks Ridiculous But Will Charge Your iPhone With Wind-Power

This has to be one of the  strangest ways of recharging your iPhone I’ve seen. The iFan claims to recharge your iPhone using only wind power, even it it does look slightly ridiculous. I’d probably prefer a crank of some sort to charge my iPhone.

ifan iphone apple recharge wind green
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Hack Your MSI Wind Netbook Into An Ipad

Well, that’s not exactly true. We’ve uncovered a hack that allows enterprising DIY enthusiasts to transform their old MSI netbook into a tablet. With over 120,000 iPad pre-ordered on the first day, there are a lot of people waiting for their iPad, which is why we thought that this was pretty interesting.

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