Tresorit: The Encrypted Dropbox Alternative

Online storage services seem like a must, especially if you’ve ever suffered from a local hard drive failure. These services will help you back up a number of items from your computers, so that you can access them from anywhere and in the event that a computer fails, you’ll have an offsite backup.

tresorit encrypted storage

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Elecom M-TP01DS Wireless Touchpad


Elecom has just introduced their all new wireless touchpad. This Elecom touchpad is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows RT computers and tablets, but not Android devices.

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How to Spruce Up Your Windows Desktop Screen Good Questions

Q: Hi, I really enjoyed this article by Range. I have an XP machine that could really use a facelift and I REALLY like the visual style in the first picture displayed in the article. I would like to know the name of that visual style, as well as find out where it is at so I can spruce up the guest’s PC. Make ’em feel like they’re working in class…. or in the future.

A: Hi Chris, the quick answer is to use Stardock’s Windowblinds software, but we’ll tell you more about how to do this and what other options you might have.

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Windows 8 Fixes Blue Screen of Death

I’ve been fortunate enough with my current desktop PC never to have seen the Blue Screen of Death, but it was a common occurrence in Windows Vista, Windows XP and many versions before it. While it hasn’t completely eliminated error messages, it looks like Microsoft has decided to change the colors of the infamous BSoD from blue to black in the upcoming Windows 8.

blue screen of death bsod black windows 8 software os

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The Easiest Way to Format Your PC

021611_rg_FormatPCBIOS_01.jpgOne of the most problematic ways of optimizing your Windows PC is to format it. It involves some preparation, but we’ll be giving you some easy tricks to get through this so that you can speed up your computer and free up some hard disk space.

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10 Benefits of Having Both a Mac & PC

021111_rg_MacandPC_01.jpgFor the last few months, I’ve had access to both a Mac and a PC. While I’ve been migrating my files over to my new Mac, I still use my PC most of the time. Each computer has different functions and they allow me the best of both worlds, without having to sacrifice much.

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A Few More Alternatives to OneNote in OS X

020811_rg_MoreOneNote_00.jpgThanks to our readers, we managed to learn about a few more alternatives to Microsoft OneNote, our former favorite note-taking application before we switched to a Mac. Microsoft OneNote is currently available on Windows PCs only, and it’s a shame because this application works extremely well to take all sorts of notes on your computer. Here are the others that might fill-in for your note taking tasks.

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10 Tested OS X Applications for Note Taking

When Microsoft’s OneNote was initially launched, we had trouble figuring out what it was for. But over time, it became apparent that OneNote was a powerful way of taking notes of almost any kind, from scrapbooks, logs, diaries, to lists of all sorts. The only trouble is that OneNote is a Windows-only app, so you won’t find it on OS X. Here are some alternatives we found for OS X users who are looking for something like OneNote…

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Network Monitors: The Next Step After A Firewall

020211_rg_NetworkMonitors_01.jpgNetwork monitoring is the logical next step after getting a good firewall and virus scanner for your computer. It allows you to specify specific rules and programs which should or shouldn’t be allowed to connect to the Internet. This puts more of your computer under you control, ensuring that no programs send data that they aren’t supposed to.

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Using Files Between OS X and Windows

020111_rg_FileCompOSXWin7_01.jpgWe’ve recently started the process of transferring over some files from our Windows PC to our MacBook Pro. It occurred to us that in the past there were file compatibility issues between different operating systems, like Unix and Windows, as well as Macs and PCs. Is this still a problem in OS X?

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