Mr. Heater Portable Propane Heaters


When temperatures are plummeting and you don’t have a fireplace, and there’s the possibility of a power failure, then indoor-safe propane heaters are a good alternative way to heat up your home. The Mr. Heater Portable Propane Heaters will provide hours of safe heat during your next emergency and they will also allow you to reduce the cost of your heating bill.

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Brrr! Space Heaters for Rooms Small, Medium, and Large

111612_rg_SpaceHeater_01.jpgIt’s definitely getting chilly, which means time to bring out the blankets and turn on the heater. However, whether it’s due to spotty building heating or trying to be a bit more frugal with the monthly power bill, a space heater can be not only the more energy efficient option, but the faster way to warm up a room…

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Freehands Soft Shell Skiglove: Don’t Let the Cold Dissuade You from Texting

While I’ve kind of been able use my iPhone while wearing my motorcycle gloves, it’s never been a perfect way to use any touch-based device. That’s why Freehands has come up with a waterproof glove that will allow you to use your smartphone and media players to your heart’s content. Unlike other gloves with capacitive tips, the Freehands lets you use your actual fingertips to interact with your gadgets in the wintertime.

freehands iphone glove soft shell

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LEGO New York Times Building: “T” is for Fun

Japanese LEGO artist Sachiko Akinaga created this unique LEGO building that resembles the iconic logo for the New York Times Magazine. It’s set in a fictional Central Park. The sculpture will be used as the cover for the winter travel issue of the magazine.

lego times sachiko akinaga model magazine new york central park

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Isotoner smarTouch Gloves: Winter Won’t Mean No Touchscreen

Winter is coming” might be the catchphrase of the Starks of Winterfell, but sure enough, summer’s coming to a close and before you know it, you’ll be freezing waiting for public transportation. Anyone who’s tried to use their capacitive screen gadgets with normal gloves knows that it’s doomed to failure, unless you use special gloves, like these Isotoner smarTouch. They’ll allow you to continue using your tablet or smartphone no matter how cold it gets.

isotoner smartouch gloves iphone ipad idevice touchscreen winter

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Use Winter Air to Cool a Blindingly-Hot PC

Yes we know; gaming PCs can get very hot. There was a time when I had one inside my bedroom and I usually had to turn down the heat when I was playing. Sure, nowadays, you can get liquid-cooled PCs, but an enterprising modder decided to use the cool winter air to get his PC down to manageable temperatures.

winter air pc cooling outside prank real diy mod

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Cheap & Energy Efficient Ways to Winterize Your Apartment

102609_rg_winterizeapp_00.jpgWinter will soon be upon us and temperatures are starting to plunge for most of us. Unless you’re living in California or Florida, you’ll soon be getting ready to see some snow, if you haven’t already. With everyone trying to save money, there are a couple of cheap ways of keeping your place warm.

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Warmed Up Feet

Sometimes, it takes forever for my feet to warm up. It happens a lot when it’s humid, though after a shower and fresh socks, it’s no longer a problem. My feet usually tell me how cold it is outside, before I leave.

Calgary to Freeze Over on Sunday

Its going to be freaking cold in Calgary on Sunday
It's going to be freaking cold in Calgary on Sunday

I just saw that Leanna posted this on her blog. -39C, now that’s pretty cold.

Not As Frigid

It was only -15C today, with almost no wind and just a whole bunch of snow. That was pretty normal winter weather. It was a nice respite from the -30C weather of the day before.

I’m in my finals week. I still have three more exams in next week or so before I completely finish. I’ve been watching Survivors, a British TV series that was remade recently by the BBC. The original series aired from 1975 to 1977.

The premise is pretty familiar. A plague is tel loose and kills 95% of the world’s population. A tiny percentage are left alive and have to learn to live again without technology.

What would you do if you woke up one morning to find everyone dead and knowing full well that electricity and the modern conveniences would slowly break down?

I’d take my Arc’Teryx clothes and backpack, pack up a few supplies and head south on my mountain bike. Things would be pretty bad if this happened in winter. Without any heating, everyone would die quickly of exposure.

The best option would probably entail getting a rugged 4×4, like a LandRover Defender, and stocking it up with fuel, food and essentials and heading south. I’d stop at an outdoor’s shop and stock up on camping gear. Lugging around a small motorcycle would also be useful. Most probably a trailer of some sort would be essential.