Anatomy of a Meme through Supercuts

Andy Baio explores memes through supercuts. It’s his new column on Wired.

How the Malware Stuxnet Was Discovered by Digital Detectives

In depth article about how computer security experts discovered the malware Stuxnet, which has been classified as a cyberweapon.

NVIDIA Wired 3D Glasses: Cheaper, But Does Anybody Still Want 3D?

NVIDIA just announced the launch of these new wired 3D Vision glasses, which are supposed to be more cost effective than their 3D Vision active shutter glasses. These 3D glasses connect to your PC via USB, getting power and data over the cable rather than infrared signals.

nvidia vison 3d glasses usb wired cable hdtv pc

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Translate Emoticons From Japanese to English

If you thought that emoticons were the same in all languages, you’d be dead wrong. Just check out the differences between English emoticons and their Japanese equivalents courtesy of Wired’s handy English-to-Japanese emoticon cheat sheet.


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Wired’s Steven Levy Gets A Home Office Makeover

If you work from home, your home office is your main place of work and let’s be honest, a clean and efficient home office makes for a better work place. It’s not always easy, especially if you do a lot of research and tend to look over a lot of papers. Wired’s Steven Levy’s home office was out of control. He needed Unclutterer to give it a clean sweep.

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How Wired Tracked Down The iPhone Finder

A great post detailing how exactly Wired found the person who found that prototype iPhone.

New Giant Lizard Discovered in the Philippines

A new species of giant lizards has been discovered in the Philippines. They will undoubtedly eat us all up and take over the Earth.

Brown actually learned of the adult specimen’s existence via text message. After he and his students spent weeks in the mountains surveying other vertebrates and hoping for an adult Varanus bitatawa, Brown had to return home early to start the fall semester. But he received a message from his students in the expedition’s final hours announcing their success — and letting him know that they were having a hard time finding a way to get from their camp to the airport.

Gone Forever and Vanished

This is a great story and project by Evan Ratliff on how to disappear. Matt Sheppard tried to disappear from his work and life, but it didn’t work out.

Following this, the author has launched his Vanish project. If you can find Evan Ratliff in the next 30 days, you will win $5,000. He’s been missing for 12 days. Can anyone find him?

Starting August 15, I will try to stay hidden for 30 days. Not even my closest friends or my editors will know where I am. I’ll remain in the US and will be online regularly. I will continue to use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and I’ll make cell phone calls. I’ll generally stay in the kind of social environment I like to live in (no hiding in a cabin in Montana), and I’ll keep track of my pursuers, searching constantly for news about myself.

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