Booting Up Baghdad

Silicon Valley execs travel to Baghdad to see if they can boot up the city.

Facebook Vs Google

Facebook is destined to take on Google. A great article by Fred Vogelstein over at Wired.

Prisoners and Cell Phones

A great article in Wired about how prisoners run gangs, plan escapes and even order hits with smuggled cell phones.

Run Gangs, Plan Escapes and Even Order Hits With Smuggled Cellphones

Wired’s Star Trek Gallery: Then and Now

A great gallery of Star Trek, focusing on the differences between then and now.

Botnets Took Control of 12 Million IPs

Wired reports that botnets took control of 12 million IPs this year.

Side Wired Desk: Saves You the Trouble of Bending Over

050709_rg_side_wired_desk_01.jpgWe all have problems with wires. In a perfect world, everything would be unplggd, but since we can’t have that yet, we have to find other solutions to manage the mess of wires that are found underneath each and every desk. The Side Wired Desk is a solution to the mess of cables lurking under desks. It enables you to use the desk as an electrical hub to plug in a bunch of other stuff.

J.J. Abrams on the Magic of Mystery

Lost creator J. J. Abrams on the magic of mystery in this month’s themed Wired issue.

Wired and Terminator

Wired and Terminator coverage for the upcoming release of Terminator: Salvation.

The evolution of the Terminator franchise, Terminator as a metaphor for Josh Friedman’s life, and why Terminator is unstoppable.