Bluetooth Headphones: Going Wireless

091112_rg_BestBluetoothHeadphones_00.jpgWireless headphones have come a long way from their somewhat buggy beginnings, but can you actually go completely wireless and not lose too much quality when you’re on the go? There are some decent Bluetooth headphones available these days that will make you wonder why you haven’t gone wireless before.

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The Latest In Wireless Devices for 2012

090712_rg_NewWirelessDevices_01.jpgIt’s been a notable last few days in the wireless device category, and we’re finally starting to see a selection of devices which may eliminate all of those charging cables that are surreptitiously trying to procreate around your power plug. We’re moving beyond yesterday’s plug-and-play mentality to a future of proximity connectivity!
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TDK Wireless Charging Speaker: Play & Charge At The Same Time

Usually, when I play music on my phone, it drains the battery, unless I have it docked. Thanks to this new charging dock/speaker from TDK, I can play and charge at the same time, without any wires or even a dock connector. Now that’s pretty neat, because I wouldn’t want to give the cable squid under my desk and computer more cables to procreate.

tdk charging speaker wireless bluetooth iphone

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Cut the Cables: Affordably Priced Wireless Home Speakers

082812_rg_MedPricedWirelessSpeak_01.jpgThere comes a time and a place when you can no longer stomach wires. There can be many reasons for this: maybe your home office is rocking a very minimal look, or you just hate wires with a passion. Needless to say, wireless speakers have come a far way from their humble beginnings, and while they still can’t beat wired ones, there are some viable and affordable options available…

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Audyssey Wireless Speakers Cut the Cords, Not the Volume

There are many desktop speakers out there, but most of them require that they be wired to your audio source. Audyssey’s latest desktop/bookshelf speakers are wireless. The speakers are supposed to provide better sound for this form factor, while still taking up minimal on your desk or shelf. The wireless capability you to place them optimally around your home office or bedroom without having to run cables to them.

Audyssey Wireless speaker bluetooth close

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Jawbone JAMBOX Remix: Same Tech But Tons of Colors

It’s hard not to like the Jawbone JAMBOX, but if you’re the kind of person who likes their tech to be customized, the new JAMBOX Remix might be just for you. With the launch of Remix, the JAMBOX is now available in over 100 different colors combinations.

jambox jawbone the remix bluetooth speaker

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Denon Globe Cruiser Bluetooth Headphones: Cruise the World without Wires

Wireless headphones are getting more popular, but I’ve always believed that corded ones have better sound. These premium headphones from Denon are part of their high-end wireless headset collection, and look like they are an option if you want over-ear headphones that are wireless.

denon globe cruiser headphones bluetooth

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Scosche boomSTREAM Bluetooth Speaker: Wireless Tunes with a Little Extra Boom

Bluetooth speakers are pretty convenient, since they allow you to share your tunes wirelessly and you can use many different kinds of devices, like smartphones and tablets, as audio sources. Scosche’s boomSTREAM wireless speaker is yet another option for streaming your music over Bluetooth.

scosche boomstream bluetooth speaker

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Syre Smartwatch Band Adds Bluetooth to iPod Nano

After Pebble’s resounding success, it was only a matter of time before more inventors would try and get smartwatches made through Kickstarter’s crowdfunding. The Syre is a watch band for your iPod Nano, with the distinct advantage of having Bluetooth neatly integrated.

syre smartwatch band ipod nano

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MicroCHIPS Wireless Drug Implant Releases Timed Dosed Injections


Researchers have announced that a wirelessly-programmed implant, which has been successfully tested in human trials, could save patients the pain of daily injections.

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