EOps: Sculpturesque Wireless Looking Ipod Dock


At Unplggd, we pride ourselves of trying to go wireless, as much as possible. That’s why we think that wireless iPod docks are really great. They cut down on wires and enable you to do even more cable management. The fun thing with this new dock is that it allows you to pair more than 2 satellite speakers. From what we’ve read, you can even control and stream your music wirelessly while sitting on you couch playing with your iPhone.

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iMuffs: Great Multifunctional Wireless iPod Speakers

With Black Friday coming up fast and Amazon promising up to 60% off on headphones, now might be the time to get those headphones that you’ve been lusting after. Wireless headphones are the next step, and they are useful. There is no telling how many times we’ve had trouble with our own headphone wires. That’s why at Unplggd, we think that it’s time to give wires the boot and go for some wireless headphones.
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Wireless iPod iPhone Dock: Freeing Your Speakers of Wires

Usually most iPod and iPhone docks incorporate some form of attached speakers. They are either built into the dock or tethered to it with wires. American designer Victor Vetterlein decided that our iPod docks needed to have wireless speakers, speakers that could be detached from the dock and roam around our apartments.

Wireless Headphones: Best Way To Keep Wires Away From Your Ipod

We’ve all had the problem. Either the cord is all tangled up, or it’s just mixed up. Wires are bad, and nowhere is this more apparent then when you are on the go with your iPod playing your favorite tunes. The wireless revolution is slowly touching all manner of new products. Having wireless headphones on your iPod is just so neat. Now wires, no fuss, no muss. With that being said, we’re proposing two solutions to your wireless life, suiting different budgets and different looks.

JBL AIR: Frees Your Speakers From Wires

Speaker wires have always been a problem. They are rarely neat and they just restrict the placement of the speakers. JBL has come up with a way to make your speaker wires disappear, just like magic. The JBL AIR WEM-1 works with any brand of speakers and helps make them become wireless.

Bluetooth Pea Pod Speaker System


With the possibility of having wireless speakers, this concept set of speakers could see the light of day pretty soon. The Pea Speaker system will probably be a costly way of having wireless speakers since they could be easily dropped on the floor. Designer Lu Le wanted to come up with a playful design for speakers that could easily be tossed around.

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Sony S-Airplay: A Wireless, Multi-room iPod Dock


There is nothing sweeter than an iPod dock that has no wires. Wireless is the way to go. Make that same iPod dock usable in different rooms, then you’re sitting on one cool dock. The Sony S-Airplay Wireless iPod Dock does all of the above. It’s a cheaper version of the Sonos home audio system.

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Free Municipal WiFi In The USA

Wired featured some free municipal WiFi hotspots around the US.