Tried & True Ways of Wrangling Your Earphone Cords

112012_rg_WiresUntangled_01.jpgIs there anything more frustrating than having to untangle earphone cords? Without planning ahead it’s almost certain to happen. Here’s how to avoid losing those precious lost minutes and not starting your day with frustration…


Colorful Incase Mini Cable Kit: USB to Everything You Need

With all of the gadgets people are carrying around these days, it makes sense to keep some cables with you, just in case you need to connect some of them together. This new kit from Incase looks pretty sweet, and the fact that the cables come color-coded makes them even easier to find in the provided handy case.

incase mini cables usb

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Get a Wire-Free Desk: Taut Cables & Velcro

Here at Unplggd, we’re always trying to get our workplace as uncluttered as possible. One of the biggest problems with this process include finding innovative ways of dealing with the mess of cables that is running around underneath our desks. It’s not always easy and you have to work at it in order to get a clean desk, one that promotes productivity.

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Got Some Spare CAT5 Lying Around? Why Not Make A Self-Portrait?

If you’ve got a bunch of spare network cable or wires lying around? Maybe you should try and make something constructive out of them, instead of letting them accumulate dust. How about a self-portrait? That’s just what Los Angeles artist Kasey McMahon did.


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Create Your Own Cheap Cable Management System Using a Coat Hanger

090109_rg_antoniuscable_01.jpgThere’s one thing that we really don’t like here at Unplggd: it’s messy wires. We try to stay away from them as much as possible. It’s not always easy since the modern home theater and office are filled with power supplies and plugs. However, getting organized has never been cheaper or simpler using this simply DIY solution.

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Yoda, The Computer Cat

Yoda as a kitten last year

I discovered that Yoda is the culprit.

She is responsible for switching off my computer. It’s happened a few times and my desktop is always on. It turns out that she played with the cables a bit. I have to admit that we have a cable mess between the sofas.

I gave Spike a well needed bath and played with them a bit while I relaxed on the sofa. I haven’t updated my reading series since I arrived in Taiwan. June was a slow month, but I’ve started reading heavily again in July. I’ll post updates today.

How to Organize Your Computer Wires Using Cable Cubes

061509_rg_cable_cubes_01.jpgHow is the back of your desk or computer? Messy or clean? For us, keeping our wires untangled is always a work in progress. Even when you take the time to organize them, it doesn’t take long until they get messed up again. That’s why we thought that these little cable cubes were a great idea to keep your computer wires organized and easy to change.

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Wooden Laser Cut Earbud Owl: Keeps Your Wired Untangled

043009_rg_laser_earbud_owl_01.jpgIf you are like us, you hate having messy wires around. Things get pretty messy with the wires of our MP3 players. No matter how you roll them around, in the end, they tend to get tangled one way or the other. That’s why we thought that the earbud owl was such a good idea. It’s a simple piece of wood that’s been cut so that you can wrap your earbud wires around it.

Zip Up Earphones: No More Messy Wires

042209_rg_zipupearphones_01.jpgWe all have this problem. The wires of our earphones connected to our iPods or MP3 players always get all tangled up. There is no way to get around this, unless you take your earphones off and put them in the nice little zipper pouch that came with them. Even then, they end up all twirled around. That’s why I thought that this concept actually might help out a lot of people with their wire problems.

DIY: Drawer Becomes Hideaway Charging Station


Pesky wires are always a problem with modern gadgets. All of those gadgets need to be charged. Strabes found an interesting solution to this problem. Strabes turned a drawer from a nightstand into a handy charging station.

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