JoeyBra: Is That an iPhone in Your Bra, or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

I get that women need to carry around their iPhones, but this is the first time that I’ve seen an accessory that will allow you to carry around your iPhone in a bra! It was created to allow women to still have a way to carry their iPhones when they don’t want to have to lug their purses around.

joey bra iphone pocket holster

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Zub Zibi Zirc Watch: A Nooka Watch Not Just for Guys

Nooka definitely make some cool digital watches. They combine design with a sort of minimalistic appeal. This new one, the Zub Zibi Zirc, fits snug and has an very simple profile. I think from its looks, it’s intended to appeal to a different customer than their other watches, which have a tendency to be fairly masculine in style.

nooka zub zibi zirc 01

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Hello Kitty Boba Fett: The Cutest Bounty Hunter in the Universe

You can’t really say that combining the most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy with Hello Kitty makes sense, but I have to say that the resulting t-shirt looks pretty good. Who would have thought that Boba Fett could end up looking cute?

sandbox clothing hello kitty boba fett t-shirt star wars

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How Sassy Should Have Changed My Life @ n+1

Carlene Brauer writes about how the teen mag Sassy should have changed her life. The article is interesting and was originally printed in 2007. It links the old mag to a strange book that was written by the editors that made the magazine what it was supposed to be, before they got laid off and Sassy folded.

Katie West @ FLNGS

This is a beautiful post by Katie West over at FLNGS. I really liked it. Needless to say that it’s NSFW.

Rachel Papo

Interesting series of photos by Rachel Papo, an Israeli photographer who tells the tale of obligatary military duty by women in Israel. Everyone must serve two years, from 18-20, in the military. She went back to military bases fifteen years after her own military service ended to take photos.

Unexpected Photos Of Girls

23 Unexpected Girl Photos, With Whom You’d Like to Have a Breakfast. (NSFW) (via abduzeedo)

Dick’s Voicemail

Hilariously misogynistic, Dick injects his witty insults in between strange callers.