Stuff White People Like’s Christian Lander Interviewed

The guy behind Stuff White People Like, whose name is Christian Lander, has been interviewed by Heeb. (via phmatt)

Comments On The Memoirs

Sorry for not noticing, but by default there was an option checked in the General Options tab that I didn’t want checked. Users had to be members of the blog to comment. Since I am the only member, that didn’t really work out. I just fixed it and tested it out. People should be able to comment freely again. Sorry about that.

Blog Update

Fixed the comment problem on the old posts and the link problem on the old posts. All comments are enabled and all the links are supposed to be fixed. Let me know if there are any problems. I used Vim to modify the XML file that I exported from my account.

All that’s left is to salvage the rest of the asides. That will be a long process, it has to be done manually and I have to post them one by one. I still have 750 to go.

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