Study Suggests $31 Billion in Workplace Losses Due to Insomnia


A new study indicates that insomnia lead to about 274,000 mistakes, which caused $31 billion in losses, due to accidents and workplace errors over a 12 month period.

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Stop Your Smartphone from Becoming an Electronic Leash

041312_rg_SmartphoneElectronicLeash_01.jpgSmartphones are inarguably handy tools of convenience, if not necessity for some, but they can quickly become an electronic leash. Especially true if you do a lot of work via smartphones, where the constant checking if incoming messages can equal mounting tasks, even when they are not slated for a shift. Workaholics beware, because it’s easy to start working when you are going out with friends!


DESKSHELL: Privacy in a Half-Shell

Have you ever wanted privacy while working in an open office space? Don’t have enough space to go all-out and install one of those Tetra-Sheds? Then check out the DESKSHELL which hides away your private work (and social networking and Solitaire playing) from your coworkers.

deskshell kawamuraganjavian 01

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Fitness@Work Office Chair Concept Lets You Get a Workout While You’re Working

We all know that sitting down for long hours in front of your computer isn’t that good for you, which is why Benjamin Cselley came up with this chair concept, that doubles as an exercise machine. It comes with built-in resistance handles and footrests to help stretch out your muscles.

benjamin cselley fit at work fitness exercise chair office

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10 Ways to Improve Efficiency While Working from Home

As more and more people start working from home, whether by telecommuting or freelancing, it’s not uncommon for work days to stretch out into your free time. Thus, working from home can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your work ethic and how to strategize your work hours. Since the internet can either aid or distract productivity, it can be difficult to find a middle ground to get stuff done while you’re at home. Here are some of the ways we’ve found to help in keeping motivated and focused while working from home…

Read Full Post Make Your Facebook Feed Look Like an Excel Spreadsheet

Do you work in an office that still allows you to access Facebook? If you do, then check out this awesome stealth way of looking up on your news feed. It makes your feed look like an Excel spreadsheet. Now that’s stealthy, thanks to!


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Can You Live & Work Without Microsoft Office?

110210_rg_LivingWithoutMSOffice_01.jpgIt’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t use a word processor everyday how much some people use them. While some users may only use word processors once a week, they can be always open for some users. We can’t really speak of word processors without mentioning Microsoft Word and Office. The interesting question is, can you live without Microsoft Office?

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Our Tips For Managing Grueling Schedules Effectively

As someone who works a lot and still manages to get things done, I thought I’d share how I manage to do it. Sometimes, when I start speaking about my weekly schedule to acquaintances, they get a shocked look in their eyes. I know that this can easily overwhelm people who have a job and just get through the day. However, managing multiple work assignments can be done quite simply if you’re well organized.

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Tweeters FMyLife

Today, my coworker came over to my desk and told me that I should protect my Twitter updates, because I had unknowingly made them public. My tweets include drinking stories, all the men I’ve hooked up with, various cuss words, sexual innuendos, and how much I hate my coworkers. FML